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This website is an impossible project. It aims at documenting every operatic tenor since the invention of the recording process, ideally with at least one sound file, at least one picture, a discography and a (however short) biography or career outline. Well... did I already mention that it's totally impossible to ever come close to such an encyclopedic aim? And yet, what this website has grown to over the years actually is a tenor encyclopedia - and a surprisingly exhaustive one, thanks to the contributions of many, many collectors and experts over many, many years. (Keep the stuff coming, folks!)
The heirloom organization of the site is by sections that are partly geographic (like "Belgian tenors"), partly linguistic ("German speaking tenors"), partly by voice type ("Comprimari"). This may be less that logical, but as I said, it's well-established and will thus mostly remain for now, though probably not forever. And as a first amendment, the rather bizarre "East European" section is broken up into six more specific sections (Balkan tenors, Baltic tenors, Czech and Slovak speakers, Hungarian and Romanian speakers, Polish speakers, Russian and Ukrainian speakers).

Be warned that the makers of this site have never been among those opera lovers who are always and inevitably amazed, particularly at contemporary singing, and who are convinced that if a singer has become famous, that's proof enough that s/he must be one of the great. On the contrary! Stardom is a matter of good luck (regularly also of good looks), and of marketing - and increasingly so! It has nothing to do with ability or quality, and many of the best singers have always been, and increasingly are, all but unknown; while an equal percentage of famous singers have always been, and increasingly are, just awful!! François Nouvion, this site's founder, used to write on the start page: "If you believe that Carreras, Domingo and Pavarotti were among the greatest tenors of all time, well this site is not for you." That's still very true, and it's also true of the predecessors and of course of the heirs of the "Three Tenors".
Or wait... perhaps this site is precisely for you who think that such singers are great. The stuff on this site might open your eyes (or rather, your ears). If, on the other hand, you already know that of the "Three Tenors" generation, the three truly great tenors were, say, Bonisolli, Moldoveanu and Terranova, you'll find plenty of music and information here that's going to make you happy. Plus all of you, I swear, will literally find hundreds of tenors whose names you've never heard so far.

Additions and corrections are most welcome and will be acknowledged.
Robert Schlesinger


For the time being, primarily "old" content will be uploaded (again) – but in a technically (not aesthetically!) improved manner. Eventually, all links, particularly those to sound files, will work again (which too many of them haven't done for a very long time). Links to sections that have not yet been perfectly restored and reinstalled will remain inactive until everything in that section is working again.



This web page would not be as detailed as it is without the help of following individuals, in alphabetical order: Andres Acuña Guzman, Fernando Adam, Sergio Alfonsi, Giorgio Appolonia, Ashot Arakelyan, Fabian Arciniegas, Stathis Arfanis, Juan José Arias, Dina Azrikan, Algirdas Bagdonavicius, Vilijandas Bagdonavicius, Arkadi Bandukow, Guido Bathe, Jack Belsom, Yuri Bernikov, Eva Bertolis, Anton Bieber, Richard Boijen, Gustave Botiaux, Luc Bourrousse, David Brandwein, Victor Brescia, Gilles Bresciani, Erik Bruchez, Harold Byrnes, Georges Cardol, Tonino Carlino, Samuel Cassons, Irina Casutt, Chris F. Catena, Paolo Cavassini, Pierre Ceccaldi, Mark Chetwood, Serge Chèze, Egle Chisiu, Carlo Ciabrini, Leonardo Ciampa, Martin Cooke, Gian Coral, Balázs Csák, Fred Day, Alfred de Cock, Richard del Taglia, Davide Denti, Alex Dihes, John Di Lollo, Terence Doleschal, Marek Dolina, Pierre Duré, Robert Dure, Juan Dzazópulos, Vladimir Efimenko, Mel Eisenberg, Serge Escalaïs, Alain Étienne, Roberto Falcone, Miguel J. Fennick, Dana Fieda, Claude Fihman, Angelo Filistad, Alain François, Jacques Franken, Eduardo Gabarra, Daniele Godor, Jean Goury, Peter Groeger, Pekka Gronow, Valeria Gualerzi, Vladimir Gurvich, Ross Halper, Frank Hamilton, James Hanrahan, Philip Hatzissimou, Eduardo Marcelino Herrera, Peter Hill, Edmund Hodges, William Hogarth, Edvard Hogestol, Larry Holdridge, Clemens Jabloner, Stefan Johansson, Egon Kaibel, Tom Kaufman, Gian Koral, Olga Korolyuk, Helmut Krautschneider, Aubrey Kreike, George Leotsakos, Richard Lindau, Robert Little, Larry Lustig, Vera Lyakhova, Alkis Magdalinos, Oscar Mago Bendahán, Armin Mairhofer, Geoffrey Mallinson, George Maran, Roberto Marcocci, Mario Marconcini, Gabriella Mariacher, Pippo Martelli, Carlos Martin, Francois Martini, J. Medina, Lysiana Medine, Igor Milner, Jean-Pierre Mouchon, Julian Philip Myerscough, Andrey Naydenov, William Neill, Malcolm Nightingale, Imogen Norcroft, Walter Oeyen, Andrea Orsini, Alessandro Pagliazzi, Vittorio Pandano, Michal Pekárek, Nicholas Peppas, John Freere Perry, Martin Ramor, Ken Reis, Claude Ribou, Andrey Rizhov, Montserrat G. Román, Victor Roman, Marcus Romedahl, Julian Rozental, Carla Rutili, Helge K. Sæbø, Akira Sakai, Lynn Samohel, Matthew Sampson, Albert Scerri, John Neville Scerri, Peter Schatborn, Alessandro Sciocchetti, René Seghers, Danilo Serrano, Francesca Sgroi, Keith Shilcock, Joseph Shore, Thomas Silverbörg, Benjamin Sloman, Raymond & Claudine Smeets, Brian Smith, Otto Striebel, Peter Strummer, George Everett Swails, Wesley Swails, K. Tanaka, Hélia T'Hézan, André Thomassin, Renato Toffoli, Giuseppe Tomaselli, Dragos Tomescu, Christian Tögl, Christian Torrent, Jaume Tribò, Sergey Tylibtsev, Frederik van der Heyden, Adriano Vargiu, Rafael Vázquez, Ildikó Végh, Richard J. Venezia, Marius Vlad, Georges Voisin, Stephen P. Wall, Derek Walsh, Helmut Weber, Tomi Wiegner, Jean-Paul Williart, Quade Winter, André Wium, Vladislav Zakrevsky and René Zeghers.

© 1996–2016 by Historical Tenors/François Nouvion
© 2017–2021 by Historical Tenors/Robert Schlesinger

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