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Book review of: Giosetta Guerra Mario Tiberini, tenore (1826–1880) Tecnostampa, Ostra Vetere, 2005.

This 394 pages book fills a major gap in the 19th century tenor biographies. A few have been published and many more are waiting for an author. Tiberini was an important tenor who took part in over ten world premieres including Ruy Blas and the new improved version of La forza del destino. This book is well researched and a must have.
It covers:
Tiberini's life as a singer (his first years, his debut, his American career, his fast forward moving career in Europe, his retirement, the man and the artist, the composers he sang most. This long section (270 pages) is filled with pictures, lithographs, reviews, letters, newspapers articles. Magnificent.
Tiberini's private life: Genealogy, family, his villa at Rotonda d'Ardenza. It is also filled with pictures, letters.
Tables showing world premieres, operas most often sung, repertory, cities where he sang and operas he sang there, and finally a chronology.
Bibliography and acknowledgements.
Indices: cities, theaters, composers, operas, singers.


Semiramide-Roma, Argentina, October 1851
Beatrice di Tenda-Palermo, Real Teatro Carolino, October 10, 1852
Don Pasquale-Palermo, Real Teatro Carolino, November 16, 1852
Macbeth-Palermo, Real Teatro Carolino, December 13, 1852
Maria di Rohan-Palermo, Real Teatro Carolino, January 18, 1853
Ser Babbeo (composer: Lillo)-Napoli, Nuovo, primavera 1853
I Batavi (composer: Tarbe)-1854
I puritani--San Juan de Puerto Rico, October 1854
Lucia di Lammermoor-Kingston, December 1854
I due Foscari-Port au Prince, estate 1855
Il trovatore-Havanna, Tacon, 11 August 1855
Rigoletto-Havanna, Tacon, 22 August 1855
La traviata-Havanna, Tacon, August 1855
Il barbiere di Siviglia-Havanna, Tacon, September 1, 1855
Poliuto-Havanna, Tacon, 27 September 1855
Norma-Puerto Rico, 1855-6
Lucrezia Borgia-1855-6
La favorita-New York., Academy of Music, February 2, 1857
Ernani-New York, Academy of Music, February 11, 1857
La sonnambula-New York, Academy of Music, February 27, 1857
La figlia del reggimento-New York, Academy of Music, March 7, 1857
Don Giovanni-New York, Academy of Music, 20 March 1857
Attila-Caracas, San Felipe, August 2, 1857
Linda di Chamounix-Caracas, San Felipe, September 8, 1857
Otello (Rodrigo)-Philadelphia, Academy of Music, February 8, 1858
Gli ugonotti-New York, Academy of Music, March 8, 1858
Leonora (composer: Fry)-New York, Academy of Music, March 29, 1858
L'elisir d'amore-New York, Burton's, May 10, 1858
L'ebrea-Barcelona, Liceo, March 1, 1859
Il saltimbanco (composer: Pacini)-Barcelona, Liceo, March 26, 1859
Matilde di Shabran-Barcelona, Liceo, April 24, 1859
Arnaldo d'Erill (composer: Guanyabens)-Barcelona, Liceo, May 12, 1859
Otello (Otello)-Bergamo, Riccardi, September 10, 1859
L'assedio di Corinto-Torino, Regio, 25 December 1859
Guglielmo Tell-Torino, Regio, February 15, 1860
La donna del lago (Giacomo)-Trieste, Grande, October 17, 1860
Parisina-Trieste, Grande, October 24, 1860
Mosè-Milano, Scala, December 26, 1860
L'espiazione (composer: Peri)-Milano, Scala, February 7, 1861
I Capuleti e i Montecchi-Milano, Scala, March 13, 1861
Un ballo in maschera-Napoli, San Carlo, February 18, 1862
Robert di Piccardia-Roma, Argentina, primavera 1862
Iginia D'Asti (composer: Sangiorgi)-Roma, Argentina, June 12 1862
Robert le diable-Napoli, San Carlo, February 22, 1863
Piccarda Donati (composer: Moscuzza)-Firenze, Pergola, March 14, 1863
Faust-Firenze, Pergola, April 15, 1863
Alessandro Stradella (composer: Sinico)-Lugo di Romagna, August 20, 1863
La forza del destino-Roma, Apollo, January 30, 1864
La contessa d'Amalfi-Firenze, Pergola, December 26, 1864
Amleto (composer: Faccio)-Genova, Carlo Felice, May 30 1865
Romeo e Giulietta (composer: Marchetti)-Trieste, Grande, October 25, 1865
Caterina Howard (composer: Petrella)-Roma, Apollo, February 7, 1866
Don Diego de Mendoza (Compser: Pacini)-Venezia, La Fenice, January 1867
Romeo e Giulietta (composer: Gounod)-Milano, Scala, December 14, 1868
La contessina (composer: Poniatowsky)-Paris, Italien, April 28, 1868
La forza del destino (revised version)-Milano, Scala, February 27, 1869
Ruy Blas-Milano, Scala, April 3, 1869
Don Carlo-Firenze, Pagliano, April 22, 1869
Le comte Ory-Firenze, Pergola, late 1869
L'africana-Milano, Scala, December 26, 1870
Marina-Madrid, Real, March 16, 1871
Zampa-Genova, Nazionale, November 22, 1872
Ione, ovvero gli ultimi giorni di Pompei-Venezia, Apollo, late 1874
Rolla (composer: Ricci)-Firenze, Pergola, April 1876

Reference: Giosetta Guerra Mario Tiberini, tenore (1826-1880) Tecnostampa, Osatra Vetere, 2005.

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