Aleksandr Dormidontovich Aleksandrovich

Aleksandrovich was born in 1881 in Nizhnij Novgorod into a priest family. His real surname was Pokrovskij. His brother K. D. Pokrovskij was a well-known cosmographer and professor at the Jurevskij university. He later changed his middle name to Dmitrievich.

He studied physics and mathematics at the St. Petersburg university where he sang in the student choir.

Aleksandrovitch studied singing with the tenor I. S. Tomars (learning the roles Faust, Lenskij, Prince), and acting with A. Petrovskij.

He made his debut at the Mariinskij on September 4, 1909 in Ruslan and Ljudmila as Bajan with M. Kovalenko, V. Sharonov, E. Zbrueva, A. Labinskij, S. Preobrazhenskij. He sang there up to 1916 (last performance on February 18 as Old Grandfather in The tale of tsar Saltan).

He continued his classes with A. Petrovskij and took simultaneously courses with the ballerina O. Preobrazhenskaja.

In 1910, Aleksandrovich took courses at the institute of Jacques-Dalcroze, near Dresden.

In 1913, following the advice of Diaghilev, he sang during the Russian seasons in Paris (May 22, 1913 at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées) and London (June 24, 1913 at Drury Lane) as the fool in Boris Godunov with F. I. Shaljapin.

In 1916, Aleksandrovich made his debut at the Bolshoj as Lenskij and Berendej.

In 1919, Aleksandrovich left Russia.

He sang concerts in Germany, Paris (in 1922, he sang a series of concerts there dedicated to the history of Russian music), and Barcelona.

In the 1930s, he sang with the Parisian Russian Opera (director Zeretelli).

Aleksandrovitch recorded for Gramophone in 1912-13, and in 1927 for His Master's Voice.

His repertory included: Gondoler (Angela by Cui, 1910), Steuermann (1911), Vogelsang (1914), Fool (1913), Matvej, Bajan, Vladimir Igorevich, Akhior and Vagoa (Judith by A. Serov), Fra Paolo (Angela), Levko, Tybalt, Gérald, Hadji, Walther (Tannhäuser) Froh, ...

His partners included: N. V. Andreev, A. K. Antonovich, G. Balska, N. A. Bolshakov, A. Ju. Bolska, G. A. Bosse, M. S. Davydov, M. Zhitovskij, E. I. Zbrueva, M. N. Karakash, E. Katulskaja, A. Oksanskij, E. F. Petrenko, G. Pozemkovskij, E. Sadoven, L. Sibirjakov, M. A. Slavina, D. A. Smirnov, F. I. Shaljapin.

Conductors he sang under included: A. Bernardi, A. Kouts, E. A. Cooper, N. A. Malko, D. I. Pokhitonov, M. O. Shtejman.

He died in 1955 in the USA.

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich singsKnjaz Igor: Chto u knjazja da Volodimira, with Vladimir Grokholskij

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich singsDer fliegende Holländer: Mit Gewitter und Sturm (in Russian)
Reference for the recording (Knjaz Igor) the outstanding website Russian Records.
I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the recording (Der fliegende Holländer).

Gramophone, St Petersburg 1911-11-10
16240b The maid of Pskov (Rimskij-Korsakov): Song of Mikhail Tucha              unpublished
2533c  Prince Igor (Borodin): Daylight was fading                               unpublished

Gramophone, St Petersburg 1912-03-28
16318b The Maid of Pskov (Rimskij-Korsakov): Song of Mikhail Tucha              unpublished
16319b You are beautiful (Dargomyzhskij)                                        4-22403

Gramophone, St Petersburg 1912-04-04
16376b Child, if I were tsar (Bakh)                                             unpublished
16377b At the ball (Chaikovskij)                                                unpublished

Gramophone, St Petersburg 1912-10-04
2659c Prince Igor (Borodin): Is it thou, my Vladimir? (w. Zbrueva)              024072

Gramophone, St Petersburg 1912-10-07
2662c Rusalka (Dargomyzhskij): Yes, I've grown old and roguish (w. Sibirjakov)  024070

Gramophone, St Petersburg 1912-10-08
16740b Elegy (Glinka) (w. Sibirjakov)                                           2-24184

Gramophone, St Petersburg 1912-10-09
16748b Prince Igor (Borodin): Daylight was fading                               4-22467
2666c  Snow maiden (Rimskij-Korsakov): Duet Berendej – Kupavi                   unpublished
       (w. Nikolajeva)
Gramophone, St Petersburg 1912-10-14
16806b  How painful (Rachmaninoff)                                              unpublished
16806½b How painful (Rachmaninoff)                                              4-22445
16807b  Child, if I were tsar (Bakh)                                            unpublished
16808b  Simple words (Chaikovskij)                                              unpublished
16809b  At the ball (Chaikovskij)                                               unpublished

Gramophone, St Petersburg 1912-10-15
16806¾b How painful (Rachmaninoff)                                              unpublished
16808½b Simple words (Chaikovskij)                                              4-22446
16809½b At the ball (Chaikovskij)                                               4-22432

Gramophone, St Petersburg 1912-10-16
16814b  The blue-winged swallow (Gurilev) (w. Mikhajlova)                       unpublished
16814½b The blue-winged swallow (Gurilev) (w. Mikhajlova)                       2-24191
2673c   Rusalka (Dargomyzhskij): Good morning, son-in-law (w. Sibirjakov)       024071

Gramophone, St Petersburg 1912-12-16
17128b The maid of Pskov (Rimskij-Korsakov): Men of Pskov, assemble             4-22648, X-2-62411
2720c  Night (Chaikovskij)                                                      unpublished

Gramophone, St Petersburg 1913-03-30
17357b How sweet to be with you (Glinka)                                        4-22487
17358b Parting (Gurilev)                                                        4-22488
17359b Both lonely and sad (Dargomyzhskij)                                      4-22602
2763c  Night (Chaikovskij)                                                      HMB184
2764c  O child, beneath your window (Serenade) (Chaikovskij)                    022313
2765c  Pensée d'automne (Massenet)                                              022314

Gramophone, St Petersburg 1913-04-02
17392b Fliegender Holländer (Wagner): Mit Gewitter und Sturm                    4-22647
2768c  A life for the tsar (Glinka): Antonida! Dear child                       unpublished
       (w. Katulskaja, Sakhnovskaja & Sibirjakov)
2768½c A life for the tsar (Glinka): Antonida! Dear child                       024078
       (w. Katulskaja, Sakhnovskaja & Sibirjakov)
2769c  A life for the tsar (Glinka): Our hearts rejoice                         024079
       (w. Katulskaja, Sakhnovskaja & Sibirjakov)
2769½c A life for the tsar (Glinka): Our hearts rejoice                         unpublished
       (w. Katulskaja, Sakhnovskaja & Sibirjakov)
2770c  Orphée (Gluck): J'ai perdu mon Eurydice                                  022310, HMB156

Gramophone, St Petersburg 1913-04-05
2783c  Faust (Gounod): Il se fait tard (w. Katulskaja)                          unpublished
2783½c Faust (Gounod): Il se fait tard (w. Katulskaja)                          024076
2784c  Faust (Gounod): Éternelle! O nuit d'amour (w. Katulskaja)                024077
2785c  The sleeping princess (Borodin/Rimskij-Korsakov)                         022326
2786c  Orphée (Gluck): Objet de mon amour                                       unpublished
2786½c Orphée (Gluck): Objet de mon amour                                       022311, HMB156

Gramophone, St Petersburg 1913-11-05
2888c  A life for the tsar (Glinka): Do not torture me                          024084
       (w. Bronskaja & Sibirjakov)
2891c  Eugen Onegin (Chaikovskij): Mesdames, I have taken the liberty           024083
2891½c Eugen Onegin (Chaikovskij): Mesdames, I have taken the liberty           unpublished

Gramophone, St Petersburg 1913-11-12
18192b Prince Igor (Borodin): Gudinikov's song                                  2-24300
       (w. Popova, Sakhnovskaja & Karakash)
Gramophone, St Petersburg 1913-11-13
2907c  Prince Igor (Borodin): The Prince's song (w. Grokholskij)                024093

Gramophone, St Petersburg 1913-11-14
2910c  A life for the tsar (Glinka): Scene & trio                               unpublished
       (w. Bronskaja, Sibirjakov & chorus)
2910½c A life for the tsar (Glinka): Scene & trio                               024085
       (w. Bronskaja, Sibirjakov & chorus)
He also recorded for HMV in 1927.

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