Fritz Birrenkoven

28 March 1868 – 30 August 1939 Munich

The middle of the Birrenkoven tenor brothers studied voice in Düsseldorf, where he also made his debut as Max in 1897. Apart from a few main roles (Lyonel, Hoffmann), he sang mostly comprimario parts: Mime, David, Jaquino, Bardolfo, Goro...

He sang in Hamburg (1898–1900), Danzig (1900/01), Darmstadt (1901–04), Nationaltheater Berlin (1904/05), Elberfeld (1905–13), and finally in Munich (1913–25).

Reference: Kutsch & Riemens

Zonophone, Berlin, September 1907

3271r Pagliacci (Leoncavallo): O Colombina 		X-22648
3272r Trennung (Marschner) 				X-22649

Fritz Birrenkoven is obviously identical with the otherwise mysterious "Gottfried" Birrenkoven, who was a member of the male 
quartet "Rostsches Solo-Quartett", and made about 20 records with that group, plus one duet record with the quartet's bass and 
Dacapo, Köln, 1908
2253  Flüsterndes Silber, rauschende Welle (Melchert), w. Carl Rost
2254  Still wie die Nacht (Bohm), w. Carl Rost

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