Charles Robert Hargreaves

Charles Robert Hargreaves sings The kiss waltz (Der Liebeswalzer): O'er the blue waters
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The selection that Hargreaves is singing is pretty interesting and unusual: this is "Laternen der Liebe" from Carl Michael Ziehrer's operetta "Der Liebeswalzer", which is considered the last work of the so-called Golden Era of the Viennese operetta, but now completely forgotten. In 1911, it was a success on Broadway as "The kiss waltz", that's why there is this English version. On the web, there is no score and no complete recording available of this work, just excerpts on a Preiser CD - and on that CD, "Laternen der Liebe" is sung by a soprano! So I don't know whether Hargreaves is disguising as a soprano here, whether the same song (as it's often the case in operetta) is sung more often throughout the work, and also by the tenor; or whether they've assigned it to the tenor in the English version (for which the work was slightly overdone).
I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recording and notes.
Selected Discography 

I hear you calling me  895  Edison Amberol  1911
O'er the blue waters   878  Edison Amberol  1911
A song of love         1038 Edison Amberol  1912

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