Benjamin Sloman


Australian-born Benjamin Sloman was a lawyer in New York City before he decided to become a singer: a baritone first, then a tenor. He studied with Tommy Lo Monaco, on whom he later turned his back, totally condemning his teaching methods. This brought him into hefty conflicts with Lo Monaco devotee Jeremy Silver on various internet forums, where both of them seemed to spend much of their time. In some of those conflicts, also François Nouvion engaged, as he strongly disliked both Sloman and Silver, so a lot of heated argument on that front was to be found on this website, too.
Sloman managed to have kind of a career; I was about to write "was successful in building kind of a career", but success is not the right term, somehow: having started from low-class opera events like Amore Opera, Bleecker Street Opera or Opera at the Hamptons, he made his way to... similar opera events outside New York, and even in Europe. But the level remained essentially what it was; I wouldn't bet that he didn't later regret his decision to quit his job as a lawyer.
Benjamin Sloman singsTosca: Trionfal di nuova speme (snippet only), with Cristina Fontanelli
In RA format

Benjamin Sloman singsPagliacci: No, Pagliaccio non son ... Ebben, se mi giudichi di te indegna, with unknown partners
Sloman posted this recording on Youtube himself, obviously unaware that he is almost constantly off-pitch!

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