Otto Briesemeister

18 May 1866 Arnswalde – 16 June 1910 Berlin

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Otto Briesemeister sings Die Walküre: Siegmund heiß' ich
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Otto Briesemeister sings Siegfried: Nothung! Nothung!

Hans Breuer sings Das Rheingold: Wer hälfe mir, with Otto Briesemeister (Loge)

Briesemeister was a medical doctor for a short time before deciding to become a tenor. After studies in Leipzig, he sang only in concert at the beginning. His first operatic contract started in 1893 in Dessau (debut as Manrico), 1894 he went to Aachen, 1895 to Wrocław/Breslau, where he stayed until 1900. By then, he was famous enough to go on as a freelance artist: his Loge in Bayreuth 1899 had caused a sensation (he was to repeat that role at the festival every year through 1909).

He settled in Berlin, where he practiced as an ENT physician, and pursued his tenor career, centered around the Court Operas of Stuttgart, Vienna, Munich and Mannheim and the German Theater in Prague, but with many other guest appearances: Covent Garden, Zürich, Stockholm, Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Lyon, Hamburg, Bremen, Karlsruhe...

Loge was clearly his most famous role, but his repertory was wide: Siegmund, Siegfried, Erik, Lohengrin, Max, Pedro, José, Fra Diavolo, Wilhelm Meister, Faust, Canio, Herodes, Matthias (Evangelimann), Florestan; plus a lot of sacred music in concert.

He died from diphtheria.

Reference: Kutsch & Riemens

I wish to thank Richard J Venezia for the recording (Walküre).

G&T, Bayreuth, 1904
1116e   Das Rheingold: Loges Erzählung                 2-42920
1130c   Das Rheingold: Szene Mime-Loge                 2-42922
        with Hans Breuer

Beka, Berlin, 1907
11225   Das Rheingold: Loges Erzählung I               M11225
11226   Das Rheingold: Loges Erzählung II              M11226
11227   Siegfried: Schmiedelied                        M11227
11228   Lohengrin: Höchstes Vertrauen                  M11228
11229   Die Walküre: Liebeslied                        M11229
11237   Der Troubadour: Duett                          M11237
        with Margarete König
11239   Fra Diavolo: Duett                             M11239
        with Margarete König
11240   Die Meistersinger: Am stillen Herd             M11240

Odeon, Berlin, 1907
xB3464	Siegfried: Schwertlied                         64774
xB3465	Das Rheingold: Loges Erzählung I               64787
xB3466	Das Rheingold: Loges Erzählung II              64788
xB3467	Das Rheingold: Loges Verspottung der Götter    64775
xB3468	Die Walküre: Liebeslied                        64776
xB3524	Die Walküre: Siegmund heiß' ich                64803

Edison, 1905
15401   Frühlingsglaube
15407   Frühlingstraum

Anker, Berlin, 1906/07
1177-3  Die Meistersinger: Am stillen Herd             5467
1178-3  Die Walküre: Winterstürme wichen               5468, 434
1179-3  Der fliegende Holländer: Steuermannslied       5469
1180-3  Lohengrin: Mein lieber Schwan                  5470

Anker, Berlin, 1907
1907    Das Rheingold: Loges Erzählung I               5038, 706
1908    Das Rheingold: Loges Erzählung II              5039, 706
1909    Siegfried: Schwertlied                         5040, 707
1910    Die Meistersinger: Am stillen Herd             434
1940    Tristan und Isolde: Wohin nun Tristan          5041, 707

Edison, Berlin, 1908
15860   Frühlingsfahrt

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