Mitrofan Ivanovich Chuprynnikov

Born April 3rd, 1866 in Voronezh, died May 13th, 1918 in St. Petersburg. Studied in Moscow, made his concert debut in 1892, and his operatic debut in 1894 as either Faust or Lenskij, according to different sources, but at the Mikhailov Theatre of St. Petersburg anyway. From 1894 to 1914 a member of the Mariinskij Theatre in St. Petersburg, where he sang both comprimario and light or lyrical main parts, he was also a professor at the conservatory, plus a member of the popular Kedrov Quartet (or St. Petersburg Vocal Quartet) that used to perform folk songs and romances and accompanied Shaljapin in some folk song recordings. In 1900, he was a guest in Prague with great success, and in 1908, he sang the Simpleton in "Boris" at the Russian Season at the Paris Opéra. He was also a successful lieder and oratorio tenor.

He made 91 recordings between 1899 and 1911. Here he is in a duet with the great Vladimir Kastorskij, who used "Torskij" as a pseudonym for this disc.

Mitrofan Chuprynnikov sings Svetit solnyshko (Rubinstein), with Vladimir Kastorskij
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I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger and Yuri Bernikov for the biographical notes.
Source for the recording: Russian Records, incredible website owned by Yuri Bernikov.

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