Adrian Eröd

born 1970 Vienna

Adrian Eröd's career was always centered in Austria: first, he sang in several provincial theaters (notably in Linz), in 2000 he came to the Vienna Volksoper, in 2003 to the Vienna Staatsoper. He had a nice light baritone voice, and was very good in operas like Barbiere or Il turco in Italia. In 2009, all of a sudden, he decided to sing – Loge!, in a new Ring production at the Staatsoper. This was of course insane; while he played the role excellently on stage, it was both too heavy and too high for him, vocally, and when singing it in actual performances, he cracked almost every high note. (The selection posted here is from a concert where he sang only this single selection, so it goes smoother, and he cracks only once.)

He didn't singe Loge too often (just nine performances in two-and-a-half years), but it was enough to destroy his voice. Though he never ventured into tenor territory again, he had terrible vocal problems from then on, and never recovered. That didn't prevent him from continuing, for several years, to give interviews bursting with self-confidence and foolishness, where he was like "so many people told me it would damage my voice if I sang Loge, and look, it didn't happen". Well, it did, even if he didn't realize. Sooner or later, he didn't give any interviews anymore, because this once charming singer had become a sheer nuisance (which didn't prevent him from singing on and on).

Adrian Eröd sings Rheingold: Über Stock und Stein zu Tal, with Elisabeth Kulman, Gergely Németi and Boaz Daniel

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