William Castle

22 December 1836 Wallingford (England) – 31 March 1909 Chicago

Picture of  William  Castle
He came to the USA already as a child and grew up in Philadelphia. He studied voice there and in New York City, where he made his debut on the concert podium in 1861, and on the operatic stage in 1864. Until 1891, he sang throughout the US, particularly in New York, both at the Academy of Music and, above all, on Broadway, where he appeared in opera as well as operetta. Throughout his career, he also did a lot of concert work. He was the most popular tenor of his time in the US.

His most famous role was Roméo; other successes included Fra Diavolo, Thaddeus (The Bohemian girl), Manrico, Raoul, Don Caesar (Maritana) and Sándor Barinkay. He sang mostly in English, but at the Academy of Music also in Italian.

After quitting the stage, he was involved in the management of the Chicago opera theater.

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