Nicola Tagger

Tagger, born 1930 in Pazardžik (Bulgaria), emigrated to Israel as a young adult, where he worked in a kibbutz and started studying voice in Tel Aviv. He then moved to Italy, completed his studies in Milano, and made his debut in 1956 in Rome as Duca di Mantova, which was to become his most frequently performed role. His career brought him to every important Italian theater, and many theaters in other countries, as well: Deutsche Oper Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf-Duisburg, Dresden, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Warsaw, Lisbon, Zürich, Buenos Aires (Colón), Vienna Staatsoper, Edinburgh. Rigoletto aside, he specialized in rare repertory, primarily in belcanto operas (which were, at his time, slowly making their return onto stage); but also Berlioz' Benvenuto Cellini was one of his important roles. He lived in Milano until a very old age.

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Nicola Tagger sings Rigoletto: La donna è mobile
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