Paul Mägi

27 October 1917 Tallinn – 8 March 1973 Tallinn

Mägi as René in Der Graf von Luxemburg, 1943

Paul Mägi sings Trembita (Miljutin): Chindi-rindi-ritsa, berjozku veter gnjot, in Estonian with Meta Kodanipork

In 1941, he started to sing operetta at the Endla Theater in Pärnu; from 1944, he was at the Tallinn opera, where he sang main roles in operetta and comprimario parts in opera: Edwin (Zirkusprinzessin), René (Graf von Luxemburg), Piquillo (Périchole), Adam (Vogelhändler), Beppe, Triquet, Vašek.

He stopped singing early, without quitting the stage, though: he became a very busy stage director, not just for operetta, but primarily for opera.

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