Rūdolfs Tunce

died 12 August 1963

Rūdolfs Tunce sings Evgenij Onegin: À cette fête conviés, in Latvian

Little is known about Tunce. When the first operatic performance ever in Latvian translation was given, Jevgenij Onegin in Riga on 27 December 1912, Tunce sang Triquet. He had already recorded Triquet's aria in 1910, so I'm convinced the date of birth that the Latvian Wikipedia gives for Tunce (16 February 1892) must be wrong – he would have been just 18 and 20 years old, respectively, and he doesn't certainly sound like 18 on the record in question (nor in Vesti la giubba, which he recorded at the same time).

Anyway, Triquet was not the repertory he was to spend his career with. He sang in Riga into the 1930s, roles like Lenskij, Rodolfo, Faust, Levko or Erik.

Reference: Wikipedia, picture and recording source: National Library of Latvia

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