Pierre Lanni

Pierre Lanni singsNorma: Meco all'altar di Venere ... Me protegge, me difende
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Pierre Lanni singsMacbeth: Ah, la paterna mano
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Lanni, from a family of Italian origin, was associated with three of the major Belgian theaters: La Monnaie in Brussels, and the two Royal Flemish Operas in Gent and Antwerp. From 1961 to 1966, he was regularly at La Monnaie, singing a mix of lead and secondary roles: Don José, Hoffmann, Borsa, Cassio. From 1972 to 1979, he appeared again regularly at La Monnaie, but now exclusively as a comprimario: Augustin Moser (Meistersinger), Remendado, Dottor Cajus, and still Borsa and Cassio.

In Antwerp and Gent, I think he always sang lead roles: Riccardo and Boris (Káťa Kabanová) in Antwerp, early in his career (probably before he came to La Monnaie the first time). In Gent, he was Pinkerton in an important and successful 1965 production, and sang José still in 1980; other roles in Gent included Pollione and Hoffmann.

Lanni was married to French soprano Maryse Patris. After his career, he taught voice.

Picture source and reference 1: Claude-Pascal Perna, reference 2: La Monnaie archives, reference 4

I wish to thank Georges Voisin for the Macbeth recording and Georges Cardol for the Norma recording.

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