Picture of José Razador

Picture of José Razador's Tosca program in Rochefort on 16 May 1985
Tosca program, Rochefort, 16 May 1985

Picture of José Razador's Toca  final curtain  Rochefort 16 may 1985
Final curtain call of Tosca in Rochefort 16 May 1985; from left to right Claude Ribou (Le sacristain), Jean Laffont (Scarpia), Yerry Mertz (stage director), Roland Denis (conductor), Michèle Herbé (Floria Tosca), José Razador (Mario Cavaradossi), André Simon (Spoletta), Patrice Oberling (Sciarrone)

Picture of José Razador's Traviata Program in Toulon on 1st November 1974
Program of La traviata in Toulon, 1 November 1974

Picture of José Razador in La traviata in Toulon on 1st November 1974
Traviata, Toulon, 1 November 1974, Act III: from left to right André Abello (Le docteur), Claude Ribou (Le marquis), Françoise Garner (Violetta), Georges Borrot (Le baron), Alain Fondary (Georges d'Orbel), José Razador (Rodolphe)
I wish to thank Claude Ribou for the pictures and programs.