Charles Rondelet

He was a house tenor in Liège in the late 1920s, and closely connected to that city; he was also one of the first classical singers to record songs in Walloon dialect (which is so incomprehensible that other French speakers need a translation). But Rondelet also sang in France (he was a member of the intertwined opera theaters of Arras, Cambrai, Denain, Saint-Amand, Caen, Lisieux and Bayeux at least in the 1923/24 season, but probably already before that). In January 1932, he participated in a radio concert in Montréal, featuring only music related to Liège; he won't have traveled all the way to Canada for that concert only, and I suppose his visit will have had to do with Montréal's considerable Walloon community.

Reference 1: L'Entr'acte, 5 October 1923; reference 2: Pourquoi Pas?, 19 February 1932; reference 3: CD booklet " – The Yves Becko collection"

Charles Rondelet singsPagliacci: Me grimer
I wish to thank Anton Bieber for the recording and label scan.

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