Giuseppe Baratti

died 29 April 2012 Florence

Giuseppe Baratti singsDon Pasquale: Cercherò lontana terra
In RA format
Baratti must have been from Florence, as he both studied and died there. He made his debut in 1956 at the Teatro Lirico in Milano in La bohème (but whether as Rodolfo or as Parpignol, I don't know).

A considerable part of his career was dedicated to concert music (Bach, Händel, Mozart, Rossini). In opera, he specialized in belcanto rarities as well as in 20th century music, and he typically sang comprimario parts, although he did regularly appear in main roles, as well. He did a lot of radio work both in Italy and in Switzerland, and also sang in the UK on various occasions (Il signor Bruschino in 1969 for Opera Scotland, for instance).

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I wish to thank Georges Voisin for the recording.

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