Bruno Bulgarelli

born 23 March 1938 Modena

Picture of Bruno Bulgarelli

Bruno Bulgarelli sings Ideale
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Born into a very poor family, he worked as a house painter, and since he loved to sing during his work, a colleague convinced him to audition with a local choral society. He fared so well that the chorus master convinced him to try at the choir of Modena's Teatro Comunale – and he was accepted. Only then, he took voice lessons with (inevitably, at Modena!) Arrigo Pola.

His solo debut took place in Bologna in 1968 as Normanno in Lucia di Lammermoor. He soon made a good career as a comprimario: La Scala, La Fenice, Rome, Parma, Arena di Verona, the Rossini Festival in Pesaro, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Yokohama. His repertory included Cassio and Rodrigo, Arturo (Lucia di Lammermoor), Don Curzio, Spalanzani, Incredibile, Goro, Pang, Altoum, Maestro di ballo (Manon Lescaut), Malcolm, Borsa, Ruiz, Mastro Trabuco, Conte di Lerma, Malatestino (Francesa da Rimini by Zandonai) and many more. He retired in 1995.


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