Aleksej Nikolaevich Burenin

Aleksej Burenin singsTikhij Don: Oj, i gord nash tikhij Don
Mystery tenor, not included in the standard reference works on Soviet singers.

Since he is accompanied on this record by the orchestra and choir of the Leningrad Malij Theater, and sings an aria from Dzerzhinskij's Tikhij Don (Quiet flows the Don), which was premiered there in 1935, it's probable that he belonged to the Malij troupe. And since the aria that he recorded is sung by a secondary character in that opera (one of the foremost Soviet propaganda operas), he is classified, with all due caution, as a comprimario.

This may be his only operatic recording; all that can else be said about him is that he recorded, again in Leningrad but in the early 1940s, some songs for the label of the Agitation Detachment of the Red Army; on those records, he sounds much more like a comprimario than in the Tikhij Don aria.

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