Hanns Fleischer

8 November 1890 Falkenstein – 28 April 1969 Leipzig

Picture of Hanns Fleischer

Leipzig-based buffo tenor. His younger sister Edytha was a soprano in Berlin, at the Met – and in Buenos Aires, where Hanns Fleischer, too, appeared as a guest.

Hans Fleischer sings Rienzi: Ihr saht, Signori, das Verbrechen, with August Seider (Rienzi), Rudolf Gonszar and Rudolf Schmalnauer
Fleischer sings the tiny role of Baroncelli; this is Baroncelli's most prominent moment. The one who opens the scene is Seider; Fleischer is the second tenor who chimes in after Seider's first two lines. He sings four lines, and that's it; the rest of the scene is sung by Seider and the two bassos.

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