Eugène Génio

7 May 1899 Paris – 21 May 1980 Paris

Picture of Génio

Eugène Génio singsLes dragons de Villars: Ne parle pas
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Génio (strictly always without any first name) was a pseudonym that he already chose during his studies at the Paris conservatory (with André Gresse and Eustase Thomas-Salignac). By birth, he was Eugène Marcel, though "Marcel" was a pseudonym, as well – his father's, who was a conductor as Étienne Marcel, but had been born Étienne Dupré.

Génio made his debut on 5 December 1927 at the Opéra-Comique, where he was to spend his entire career as a comprimario: Don Basilio (Le nozze di Figaro), Yamadori, Nathanael, Spalanzani, Beppe, Schmidt, and lots of tiny parts in now forgotten works, several world or French premieres included. His only main role was Vincent in Mireille.

He sang on stage into World War II, and on the radio into the 1960s.

Reference 1: Art Lyrique Français; reference 2: Kutsch & Riemens (where he is rather bizarrely called a bass, not a tenor)

I want to thank Christian Torrent for the picture.

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