René Hémon

Picture of René Hémon
La Juive at Besançon February 16th, 1964
René Hémon (Léopold), Pierre Morlier (Brogni), Tony Poncet (Eléazar), Hélène Piroird (Eudoxie), Marcelle Dupont (Rachel)

René Hémon singsChant pour le retour de la Grande Armée (Méhul)

René Hémon started his career in the 1960s as an opera and operetta tenor with some incursions into Grand Opéra with works such as Guillaume Tell, made possible since 1960 by Tony Poncet. Later, he set up a company organizing concerts in Paris, and the North of France. He continued that activity until his death in May 2002. The photo of La Juive is very rare.

Picture of Paganini's program at Douai on December 12th 1982
Paganini in Douai, 12 December 1982

Picture of Concert program in Paris
I wish to thank Claude Ribou for the picture, programs and notes.

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