Vasilij Jakushenko

Vasilij Ivanovich Jakushenko, 1903–1957, was a member of Stanislavskij's troupe, first in his opera studio (from 1925), then at his theater. In 1941, he was hired by the Bolshoj.

He was a comprimario, singing roles like Misail, Bomelij (Tsarskaja nevesta) or Triquet. In 1950, he was the Grandfather in the world premiere of Mikhail Krasev's opera Morozko.

He must have had a short career, because he spent the last several years of his – anyway not very long – life at hospitals, already mortally ill. He is buried on the Vvedenskoe cemetery in Moscow.

Tatjana Shmyga: Schastye mne ulybalos, 2018 (e-book without page numbers)
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St. Petersburg Philharmonic (which is where also the picture comes from)

Vasilij Jakushenko sings Evgenij Onegin: À cette fête conviés
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