Timothy Jenkins

Timothy Jenkins

21 November 1951 Amarillo (Texas) – 21 April 1995 Durham (North Carolina)

Timothy Jenkins sings Macbeth: Ah, la paterna mano
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Jenkins studied voice at the Texas State University and made his debut in Fort Worth in 1974 in some small role in La traviata (Kutsch/Riemens say as Douphol, which would however be surprising, to say the least). In 1979, he was engaged by the Met. He would stay until 1989 and sing 171 performances; tiny comprimario parts at the beginning, then Narraboth, Melot, Froh, Walther von der Vogelweide, the High Priest in Idomeneo, and finally also four leading roles: Macduff, Stravinsky's Oedipus, Laca, and (somewhat surprisingly) Siegmund. At the New York City Opera and in Chicago, he sang the Prince in Dvořák's Rusalka.

I have no idea what he did in the five years from his Met farewell to his early death; he doesn't seem to have performed anywhere anymore, although when announcing his death from a heart attack, his management said he had been preparing for a new role.

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I would like to thank Thomas Silverbörg for the recording.

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