Herold Kraus

16 March 1920 Alsheim – 22 April 2013

Herold Kraus sings Mimein Siegfried: Nothung! Nothung! ... Schmiede, mein Hammer ... So schneidet Siegfrieds Schwert, with Hans Hopf (Siegfried)

Herold Kraus studied voice in Mainz and Wrocław/Breslau. He started his career after WWII with brief engagements in Darmstadt, Saarbrücken, Gießen and Zürich; in 1950, he came to the Städtische Oper Berlin, in 1956 to Düsseldorf, and from 1965 to 1986, he was a much beloved member of the State Opera Stuttgart. He sang only comprimario parts, and was most famous for his portrayals of Mime and the servants in Contes d'Hoffmann. Particularly as Mime, he made guest appearances: at the Bayreuth and Edinburgh festivals, in Buenos Aires, Barcelona, London or Torino.

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