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Pujol spent his entire career, from 1917 to 1940, at the Opéra-Comique as a much-beloved comprimario tenor. He participated in a great number of world premieres: La rôtisserie de la reine Pédauque by Levadé (12 January 1920), Le sauteriot by Lazzari (8 April 1920), Lorenzaccio by Moret (19 May 1920), Camille by Marc Delmas (11 October 1921), Dans l'ombre de la cathédrale by Hüe (7 December 1921), Angelo, tyran de Padoue by Bruneau (16 January 1928), Sarati le Terrible by Bousquet (9 May 1928), Riquet à la houppe by Hüe (17 December 1928), La peau de chagrin by Levadé (24 April 1929), Le Sicilien ou L'amour peintre by Letorey (19 March 1930), Tout Ank Amon by Pérez (5 May 1934), Mon ami Pierrot by Barlow (11 January 1935), Esther de Carpentras by Milhaud (3 February 1938) – and in Monte Carlo, where he was a regular guest in the 1930s, L'aiglon by Honegger and Ibert (11 March 1937).

He had a repertory of almost 80 roles (among them Beppe, Schmidt, Dancaïre, Nathanaël, Yamadori, Hadji, Spoletta, Gastone, Don Basilio), and sang also some main parts, particularly in operetta (which he performed not only at the Opéra-Comique, but also at the Théâtre Marigny or in Monte Carlo), plus Vincent, Rinuccio or Wilhelm Meister.

After his singing career, he was a stage director, of course at the Opéra-Comique, and taught operetta at the Paris Conservatoire.

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Victor Pujol sings Les pêcheurs de perles: Au fond du temple saint, with Julien Lafont

Victor Pujol sings Ciboulette: Comme frère et soeur, with Marie-Thérèse Gauley

Victor Pujol sings Ciboulette: Nous avons fait un beau voyage, with Marie-Thérèse Gauley

Victor Pujol sings Si j'étais roi: J'ignore son nom
Don't be fooled by the label that misspells this aria's title, as almost always and everywhere. The correct title reads "J'ignore", NOT "J'ignorais".

Victor Pujol sings Si j'étais roi: Si j'étais roi
In RA format
Anton Bieber has provided the recordings and label scan of J'ignore son nom, Pêcheurs de perles and both Ciboulette excerpts: thank you so much!

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