Harri Vasar

14 December 1926 Tallinn – 22 December 1994 Tallinn

Harri Vasar sings Zolotoj kljuchik (film): Daleko, daleko za morem, in Estonian

He started singing in 1946 in the choir of the Estonian radio. From 1948 to 1959, he was a member of the State Academic Male Choir, where he was also a soloist. 1960 to 1981, he was a soloist at the Tallinn opera theater, where he primarily sang comprimario parts in operetta, occasionally also in opera, plus a few main roles: Tony (West side story), Kote (Keto da Kote by Dolidze), Freddy (My fair lady), Iskra (Mazepa), Célestin (Mam'zelle Nitouche by Hervé, Zedlau (Wiener Blut), Orlovsky, but also Falke (which is of course a baritone part).

Besides singing at the opera theater, he had his own – highly successful – puppet theater, for which he handcrafted the puppets himself, wrote the plays, and directed them.

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