Vitalij Nikitovich Vlasov

Vitalij Nikitovich Vlasov was born in 1925.

In 1951, he became a soloist at the Bolshoj, where he was mainly a comprimario tenor.

His repertory included: Lenskij, Lykov, Bajan, Simpleton. He was especially successful as Misail, Scrivener (Khovanshchina), Triquet, Manilov. He sang and recorded songs by the leading Soviet composers, many of them for the first time.

He retired from the Bolshoj in 1982, and died in 1993.

Vitalij Vlasov sings Moja ljubimaja (Blanter)
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Vitalij Vlasov sings Zhizn moja, ljubov moja (Tulikov)

Vitalij Vlasov sings Ne krichi, perepjolka (Maslov)

Vitalij Vlasov sings Evgenij Onegin: À cette fête conviés, in Russian only
In RA format
Reference 1 for the biographical notes and recording (Ne krichi perepjolka)
Reference 2 for the recording (Moja ljubimaja)
Reference 3
I wish to thank Igor Milner for the recording (Zhizn moja ljubov moja).

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