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The copyright for the articles, biographies, discographies and so on that have been written specifically for this website (or its predecessor lies with the authors; when quoting them, please mention both the author and this website.
But since the purpose of this site is to create an encyclopedia of (ideally: all) tenors since the invention of the recording process, and of some selected earlier tenors as well, it's inevitable that much of the material published here has been copied from other sources, which are duly quoted. Please: should any such quotation be missing, that's an oversight and completely unintentional. Just inform me, and the quotation will be added.
Same goes for eventual copyright infringements with regard to sound files or pictures. They've been sent to Historical Tenors over a period of more than 20 years by a great many contributors, not all of whom are still alive; and the former site owner, whom they provided with those contributions, has died in 2016. Bottom line, in many cases, I just have noone to ask about the provenance of those sound and picture files. So please: be honest with me if you contact me about eventual violations of any legitimate rights. And bear in mind that this site is being entertained for educational, documentary and scholarly purposes, as a reference work for opera (specifically: tenor) lovers, whether beginners or experts; that it is thus both a journalistic and a musicological project; and that the principle is that we document every tenor we can, and that this includes a picture and at least one sound file per tenor (if available), and quite often also an opinion. Which means that all requests to take this or that singer down from the site, to attenuate critical judgements, or to take down sound recordings that prove inadequacies of voice, vocal technique or choice of repertory, will inevitably be declined.

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