Jindřich Blažíček

Picture of Jindřich Blažíček

Jindřich Blažíček sings Dvě vdovy: Aj, vizte lovce tam
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Jindřich Blažíček was born on May 24th, 1903 in Brno. He studied singing with Rudolf Kaulfus and B. Černik. Blažíček started as a concert singer and made his debut in Olomouc in 1935, where he stayed one season and sang 13 parts (including Lenskij, Cavaradossi, Lindoro). In 1936, Blažíček was hired by conducted Václav Talich for the Prague National Theater, where he sang the Czech operatic repertory, but was also famous for his Mozart roles. In 1942, Blažíček rehearsed Dalibor under Talich; the part overstrained his voice so heavily that he had to undergo surgery on the vocal chords, and never recovered. He sang his last performances in 1947 and formally retired in 1948. Blažíček died in Prague on January 13th, 1979.


I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the picture and recording, and a first sketch of the biographical notes.

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