Lubomír Havlák

27 December 1921 Fryčovice – 28 September 2014 Prague

The Czech tenor Lubomír Havlák started as a chorister in Ostrava (1945/46), and sang as a soloist in Ústí nad Labem (1947–50), Bratislava (1950–53) and Košice, and from 1954 at the National Theatre in Prague, where he was an excellent performer of the heroic repertory through 1990. His best roles were: Míťa (Bratři Karamazovi by Otakar Jeremiáš), Skuratov (Z mrtvého domu), Canio, Don José, Stolzing, Mime, Tannhäuser, and German. Guest appearances at the Berlin Staatsoper, in Dresden, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Split and Budapest.

His son, Lubomír Havlák jr. (born 1953), was a tenor, too, and also a theater director; he sang primarily comprimario roles at both the Prague State Opera and the National Theater.

Lubomír Havlák sings Tiefland: Es kam in jeder Nacht ein Wolf
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Lubomír Havlák sings Šárka: Já nelekám se, smrti chladná (I'm not afraid, o cold death)
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Lubomír Havlák sings Tannhäuser: Da sah ich ihn, durch den sich Gott verkündigt, in Czech
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I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for three pictures and two recordings (Sarka, Tiefland).
I wish to thank Michal Pekárek for the biographical notes, one picture and one recording (Tannhäuser).

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