Roman Hübner

21 November 1891 Mělník – 30 June 1964 Prague

Hübner in Dvořák's Jakobín

Roman Hübner singsDalibor: Ó Zdeňku
In RA format

Roman Hübner singsDalibor: Ó nevýslovné štěstí lásky, with Karla Tichá

Hübner studied voice with Václav Viktorin in Prague, Paul Ulanowsky in Vienna and Emilio Piccoli in Milano, and made his debut in 1921 at the Slovak National Theater in Bratislava, where he stayed until 1938, eventually also serving as that theater's director.

During the German occupation, he was in Prague, working for the radio and heading an amateur operatic ensemble founded by students. From 1945 to 1947, he was once more a soloist, and now also a stage director, at the theater in Liberec. Eventually, he lived in Prague as a voice teacher.

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I wish to thank Richard J Venezia for the aria recording.
I wish to thank Anton Bieber for the duet recording plus label scans.

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