Charles Hens

born 1971 Haarlem

Picture of Charles Hens

Charles Hens sings Die Walküre: Friedmund darf ich nicht heißen, with unknown partners
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As a full-time opera singer, Hens had a short and unimpressive career; he sang in Belgrade, Bangkok, Tokyo, Barcelona and New York (no idea at which venues). He was also the lead singer of a jazz fusion band.

Rather sooner than later, he began devising and directing experimental musical performances involving classical music; quite interesting stuff, though probably not exactly for opera lovers. For instance, he got refugees and right-wing anti-refugee activists to performing Verdi's Requiem together. He taught completely deaf people to sing, and had them appear in concert. Many projects like that. And he managed an Amsterdam off-opera troupe, the OTA. That didn't exclude that he occasionally sang in his own productions, but not necessarily so. Unfortunately, he didn't refrain from also teaching voice.

Reference: the websites of Hens and the OTA, which latter is also the source for the picture.

In the past, Charles Hens would have been the rival of Marc Deaton at the Timbuktu Opera.

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