Charles Harrison

11 September 1878 Jersey City, NJ – 2 February 1965 New Providence, NJ

Picture of Charles Harrison

Charles W. Harrison was an American tenor ballad singer. Harrison studied singing in New York City with Leo Koeffler (other source Frederick Bristol). In 1911 he began recording for the Columbia Phonograph Company, making a number of recordings that were popular hits of the day: "Peg o' my heart" (1913), "Ireland must be heaven for my mother came from there" (1916), and "I'm always chasing rainbows" (1918).

He also recorded an extensive operatic and concert song repertoire in English for Columbia, Victor, Edison (on both cylinder and disc), Emerson and other companies such as Domino, Regal, Melotone, and other "dime-store" labels.

Simultaneously recording as a solo artist, Harrison also performed as a member of the era's most popular quartets. He was a founding member of the Columbia Stellar Quartet, performing as first tenor until the quartet disbanded in 1921. He was also a member of the Columbia Mixed Quartet and in September 1925 joined Albert Campbell, John H. Meyer, and Frank Croxton to form a Peerless Quartet that was an alternative to Henry Burr's quartet of the same name.

Harrison formed the American Singers Quartet around 1927, with tenor Redferne Hollinshead, baritone Vernon Archibald, and Frank Croxton. Lambert Murphy later replaced Hollinshead.

By 1924, he organized the Eveready Mixed Quartet for the popular variety show The Eveready Hour radio show. His distinct and riveting tenor caused Victor Records to advertise him as "a voice in a million."

Charles Harrison was married to Beulah Gaylord Young, another pioneer recording artist. They performed together as members of the Eveready Mixed Quartet on The Eveready Hour.

Beginning in 1930, Harrison performed on the Broadway stage in the plays This one man, Precedent, The sellout and One more honeymoon.

He lived in Summit, New Jersey, and later moved to nearby New Providence, where he spent his final years and even recorded an LP in 1954 at the age of 75 entitled, "Charles Harrison sings again". Charles Harrison recorded mostly under his own name, but also used Billy Burton and other pseudonyms when recording for smaller labels.
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Charles Harrison sings Faust: All hail thou dwelling pure and lowly
In RA format

Charles Harrison singsL'elisir d'amore: Down her soft cheek a furtive tear

Charles Harrison singsMartha: Non so rare, non so fair
One of Harrison's pseudonyms was Hugh Donovan... and on this record, we have the rather unlikely case of a pseudonymized pseudonym!

Charles Harrison singsSleepin' pretty pretty (Perkins)
I wish to thank Richard J. Venezia for the recording (Faust).
Many thanks to Anton Bieber for the recordings and label scans (Elisir d'amore, Martha, Sleepin' pretty pretty).
Selective discography 

Edison 4-min cylinders, New York 1912–1915
1003 Stabat mater (Rossini): Cuius animam         1003
1033 Mignon (Thomas): Never the maiden dreamed    1033,  BA 1994
1057 Faust (Gounod): All hail thou dwelling	  1057
The palms (Faure)                                        BA 1503
Bohème (Puccini): Your tiny hand is frozen               BA 2184

Edison, New York 1913 - 1915
Funiculì, funiculà (Denza)                        80105, BA 2525
For Killarney and you (Teasdale)                  80341
Land of the long ago (Ray)                        80414
Trovatore (Verdi): Miserere (w. Kimball)          82516
(Harrison also recorded innumerable popular songs for the same company.)

Operaphone (H&D), USA 1916/1917
Bohemian girl (Balfe): Then you'll remember me	  2006

B-12962 	3/5/1913 	When I met you last night in Dreamland 	
B-12963 	3/5/1913 	I hear you calling me 	
B-12964 	3/5/1913 	A dream 	
B-13012 	3/25/1913 	Alice, where art thou? 	
B-13013 	3/25/1913 	Then I'll stop loving you 	
B-13261 	5/9/1913 	Just say again you love me 	
B-13628 	7/24/1913 	Peg o' my heart 	
B-13629 	7/24/1913 	Come into the garden, Maud 	
B-13630 	7/24/1913 	Woman is fickle 	
B-13894 	10/2/1913 	You went away 	
B-13895 	10/2/1913 	When you and I were young, Maggie 	
B-13980 	10/22/1913 	Com'e gentil serenade 	
C-14057 	11/11/1913 	A furtive tear 	
C-14058 	11/11/1913 	All hail, thou dwelling pure and lowly 	
B-14148 	12/3/1913 	A little love, a little kiss 	
B-14149 	12/3/1913 	Questa o quella 	
B-14150 	12/3/1913 	Little grey home in the west 	
B-14199 	12/15/1913 	Macushla 	
B-15019 	6/29/1914 	You planted a rose in the garden of love 	
B-15020 	6/29/1914 	Where my caravan has rested 	
B-15029 	6/29/1914 	Mary, you're a little bit old-fashioned 	
B-15048 	7/7/1914 	Vesti la giubba 	
B-15147 	8/25/1914 	Once again 	
B-15826 	3/24/1915 	Runaway June 	
B-15827 	3/24/1915 	Mother Machree 	
B-15861 	4/6/1915 	A little bit of heaven 	
B-15983 	5/3/1915 	Sprinkle me with kisses if you want my love to grow, with Elsie Baker
B-15984 	5/3/1915 	Jane, with Andrea Sarto
B-16332 	8/9/1915 	In the gold fields of Nevada 	
B-16333 	8/9/1915 	When you're in love with someone who is not in love with you 	
B-16609 	10/6/1915 	Little Honolulu Lou 	
C-16756 	11/8/1915 	Hymns of praise, no. 1 	
B-16978 	1/6/1916 	She's the daughter of Mother Machree 	
B-16979 	1/6/1916 	My mother's rosary 	
B-16980 	1/6/1916 	Kilkenny 	
B-17042 	1/20/1916 	Give a little credit to your dad 	
B-17351 	3/22/1916 	The ashes of my heart 	
B-17676 	5/12/1916 	We're too old to go to you 	
B-18039 	6/30/1916 	All Erin is calling Mavourneen 	
B-18133 	7/19/1916 	I lost my heart in Honolulu, with Herbert Stuart
B-18134 	7/19/1916 	Ireland must be heaven for my mother came from there 	
B-18369 	9/14/1916 	Nora 	
B-18370 	9/14/1916 	Oh, for a day of spring 	
B-18749 	11/22/1916 	When I found the way to your heart 	
B-18750 	11/22/1916 	Any place is heaven if you are near me 	
C-18750 	11/22/1916 	Any place is heaven if you are near me 	
B-18751 	11/22/1916 	Molly Dhu 	
B-18994 	1/17/1917 	A picture of dear old Ireland 	
B-18995 	1/17/1917 	Down in lily land, with Elsie Baker 
B-18996 	1/17/1917 	The magic of your eyes 	
B-19536 	3/30/1917 	Would you take back the love you gave me 	
B-19537 	3/30/1917 	Mister Butterfly 	
B-19690 	5/4/1917 	All the world will be jealous of me 	
B-20011 	6/4/1917 	Your eyes have told me so 	
B-20012 	6/4/1917 	The secret of home, sweet home 	
B-20083 	6/22/1917 	A study in black and white 	
B-20084 	6/22/1917 	Somewhere in Ireland 	
B-20308 	6/29/1917 	You brought Ireland right over to me 	
B-20309 	6/29/1917 	Sorter miss you 	
B-20883 	10/19/1917 	I'm coming back to you poor Butterfly 	
B-20884 	10/19/1917 	That's what Ireland means to me 	
B-20885 	10/19/1917 	Whenever I think of you 	
B-21031 	10/31/1917 	There's something in the name of Ireland 	
B-21032 	10/31/1917 	Daddy found you down beside the garden wall 	
B-21222 	12/3/1917 	The land where the good songs go, with Alice Green [i.e. Olive Kline] 
B-21242 	12/7/1917 	Last night you told me that you loved me 	
B-22180 	7/26/1918 	What a wonderful message from home 	
B-22181 	7/26/1918 	I'm always chasing rainbows 	
B-22288 	10/22/1918 	Dreaming of home sweet home 	
B-22489 	12/27/1918 	I found the end of the rainbow 	
B-22493 	12/31/1918 	In the land of beginning again 	
B-22625 	3/13/1919 	Waiting 	
B-22626 	3/13/1919 	When shadows softly come and go 	
B-23181 	10/1/1919 	I love you just the same, sweet Adeline 	
B-23182 	10/1/1919 	Girl of mine 	
B-23196 	10/8/1919 	Someday you'll want me back 	
B-23197 	10/8/1919 	The new moon 	
B-23468 	11/11/1919 	Waiting 	
B-23469 	11/11/1919 	Life's perfect promise 	
B-23513 	12/3/1919 	Hand in hand again, with Reed Miller
B-23555 	12/26/1919 	You're a million miles from nowhere 	
B-23556 	12/26/1919 	Just like the rose 	
B-24150 	6/3/1920 	I'll be with you in apple blossom time 	
B-24151 	6/3/1920 	Pretty Kitty Kelly 	
B-24658 	10/25/1920 	Avalon 	
B-24659 	10/25/1920 	Home, sweet home 	
B-24660 	10/25/1920 	There's a vacant chair at home sweet home 	
B-24792 	1/14/1921 	Look for the silver lining 	
B-24952 	2/18/1921 	Springtime 	
B-25241 	4/28/1921 	Little crumbs of happiness
B-25510 	8/10/1921 	Mother, I didn't understand 	
B-25593 	10/10/1921 	I want you morning, noon and night 	
B-25594 	10/10/1921 	Love's ship 	
B-25967 	1/18/1922 	Play that 'Song of India' again 	
B-25978 	1/27/1922 	Leave me with a smile 	
B-25979 	1/27/1922 	April showers 	
B-26166 	3/20/1922 	My Machree's lullaby 	
B-26197 	4/3/1922 	It's a wonderful world after all 	
B-26453 	5/5/1922 	Pass me not, o gentle  saviour, with Clifford Cairns 
B-26454 	5/5/1922 	Life's railway to heaven, with Clifford Cairns
B-26493 	5/29/1922 	Coo-coo 	
B-26524 	6/9/1922 	The harbor bell, with Clifford Cairns 
B-26833 	8/15/1922 	Call me back, pal o' mine 	
B-26834 	8/15/1922 	I love a little cottage 	
B-27097 	12/4/1922 	O Jesus, thou art standing, with Clifford Cairns 

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