Rogers Covey-Crump

born 24 March 1944 St. Albans (Hertfordshire)

Rogers Covey-Crump sings Blow, Boreas, blow (Henry Purcell), with David Thomas

Rogers (no typo!!) Covey-Crump was a choir boy in the chapel of New College in Oxford. Having studied organ, voice and musical theory at the Royal College of Music in London, he started his adult career in the early 1970s as a chorister at St. Alban's Cathedral. Soon, he became very successful both as a member of various vocal groups (particularly the Hilliard Ensemble) and as a soloist, almost exclusively performing baroque or renaissance music, plus a few contemporary compositions – and only in concert, never in opera.

He sang in many countries (USA, Canada, France, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Sweden), but his main successes were in the UK and in Finland. He taught voice at the University of California. As a singer, he retired only in 2014.

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Picture source: Bach Cantatas

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