John McHugh

1912 Wolverhampton – 2004 Wolverhampton

Picture of John McHugh
John McHugh was known for his singing of ballads and romantic tunes and lyrics. Encouraged to sing by Wolverhampton teacher May Summerfield and a priest named Grimaldi at Wolverhampton's Roman Catholic Church of Saint Mary and Saint John, McHugh began performing in church choirs and other venues around Wolverhampton. His big break came on November 21st, 1936, when he sang in London's Gaumont Theatre for a regional competition of the BBC Amateur Hour. He won the competition at both the regional and the national levels.

Lady Dorothy Peploe became McHugh's benefactor, but she withdrew her support when McHugh married. Although widely traveled, McHugh lived his entire life in Wolverhampton except for a brief residence in Chalkwell before moving back into Wolverhampton, where he is buried. Muriel Emms wrote a biography of McHugh, but she was unable to come to terms with a publisher.

John McHugh singsTurandot: No one shall sleep
In RA format
I wish to thank Christian Torrent for the recording.

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