Lawrence O'Neill

Lawrence O'Neill singsPagliacci: More than yesterday, a peculiar version of Vesti la giubba
In RA format
This amazing recording makes a love song of what you'd never have supposed to be one. The singer is a certain Lawrence O'Neil, about whom I'm not able to find anything (the source where the recording comes from is less than accurate, so maybe the name is misspelled?). Certainly sounds like a trained voice, maybe not exactly like a Canio. If anybody happens to know who he is, please don't fail to report.
I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recording and notes.
Robert Schlesinger believes to have solved the "Lawrence O'Neil" puzzle. As he had already suspected when submitting his rock version of Vesti la giubba, the name must be misspelled – and correctly read Lawrence O'Neill. This was a 1970s tenor for whom only some concert appearances in Berlin (1978) and New York (1974) are verifiable online; plus he found these lines in the Fanfare magazine (2012):
"For those who don't know, O'Neill was an incredibly handsome Irish-American tenor who had studied with the widow of legendary baritone Pasquale Amato and who produced his own independent LP of opera arias and songs in the late 1970s. The joke among lovers of vocal music was that he looked 10 times better than he sang; his voice was pinched, nasal, and very ugly."

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