Berle Sanford Rosenberg

Born 15 December 1951 in New York City, Rosenberg had a decidedly minor career, which is nonetheless pompously served on Wikipedia and Youtube (at least on Youtube, it's evident that the server is himself). He had been a pupil of, among others, Giovanni Consiglio and Carlo Bergonzi. Verifiable career facts are, for example, a Duca di Mantova in Budapest in 1992, or Edgardo at the Timişoara Festival, again in 1992. That same year, his stage career ended (as per the – less than unbiased – Wikipedia article, due to an illness that he had contracted in Budapest), and he became a voice teacher first in Sweden, later in Hungary.
Berle Sanford Rosenberg singsLa favorite: Spirto gentil
In RA format
I wish to thank Jim Hanrahan for the recording.

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