Jeremy Silver

Silver never had a singing career; he studied voice with Tommy Lo Monaco, and became a voice teacher, and an hyperactive internet poster (on Youtube as well as on a great number of internet forums), dreaded for his gratuitous aggression in endless battles over singing technique, and for his conviction to be the only living person who knows how to sing properly. A conviction that isn't quite supported by his own singing (which he, wisely!!, doesn't usually post anywhere). He considered himself a baritone first, and later a tenor... well, he was neither!
Those technique battles with and over Silver had a lot of echo also on this website, since François Nouvion had a profound aversion for Silver. I'm not going to reproduce all those old quarrels as they are lacking both up-to-dateness and relevance – it's just enough to listen, Silver's singing condemns itself.
Jeremy Silver sings Nebbie (Respighi)

Silver as a baritone

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