Carlo Baroni

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Carlo Baroni sings Il barbiere di Siviglia: Des rayons de l'aurore
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Few sources mention Baroni at all, but those few call him a French tenor; his French diction is perfect, too, so his Italian name notwithstanding, he seems to have been French. Certainly from the French Riviera, where Italy is near and Italian names are widespread.

The French Riviera is also where he obviously began his career: as a member of the opera theaters of Monte Carlo and Marseille, with guest appearances in Toulon (Gérald, 12 January 1949) and Algiers (1949/50 season).

From 1954 to 1972, he was a house tenor of the Paris Opéra-Comique. His was a very light lyrical tenor; his most important role seems to have been Almaviva.

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78 rpm
Cinépresse/Cantoria, Paris
Monte-Carlo (Tango) (Fanyl et Sentis) 					6123, Cantoria MD217
Contrastes (Tango) (Fanyl et Sentis) 					6126, Cantoria MD217

Le barbier de Séville (Rossini), 1954?
Selected scenes (1 LP)								Pléïade P-3070, Véga CMT 10.136, Véga 30 LT 13011 
Figaro – Lucien Huberty
Almaviva – Carlo Baroni
Rosine – Renée Doria
Bartholo – Charles Cambon
Basile – Adrien Legros
Orchestre de l'Association des Concerts Pasdeloup
Conductor Jean Allain

Live recording Le barbier de Séville (Rossini) Opéra-Comique, Paris, 19 June 1955 Bourg BGC 24/25 (2 CDs) Figaro – Jacques Jansen Almaviva – Carlo Baroni Rosine – Renée Doria Bartholo – Louis Musy Basile – Xavier Depraz Orchestre de Paris Conductor Jean Fournet
Source for both pictures
I wish to thank Christian Torrent for providing the discography and the pictures (all except the one on top and tango "Monte-Carlo").
Picture source for the tango "Monte-Carlo" cover.

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