Guy Cazenave

21 December 1883 Hasparren (Pays Basque) – 24 December 1937 Algiers

Guy Cazenave sings Il trovatore: Exilé sur la terre
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Guy Cazenave sings La reine de Saba: Inspirez-moi, race divine
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Born Guillaume Cazenave into a Basque family, he studied voice with Louis Delaquerrière. He appeared at both large opera theaters in Paris: at the Opéra in 1912 (he sang Radames, Samson, Jean there), at the Opéra-Comique in 1928 as a guest (Canio, Cavaradossi).

But mostly, he spent his career at the large and important theaters of the French provinces: Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux, Lyon, and above all in Algiers, where he installed himself in 1922. He also stayed in Algiers after quitting the stage, and opened a business.

There were and are rumours that he was killed, but it's not true – he died after surgery.

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Edison Cylinders, Paris, 1911
17133	  	La Toussaint (Lacome)					17133

Disque Idéal, Paris, 1914
7264      	La Juive (Halévy): Dieu que ma voix tremblante 		7264
7265      	Il trovatore (Verdi): Exilé sur la terre		7265
7269      	Rigoletto (Verdi): Comme la plume au vent		7269
7402      	L'Africaine (Meyerbeer): Ô paradis			7402

Pathé, Paris, May 1927
200748    	azpiak bat (trad)					3514
200749    	Herriko besta biharamuna (trad)				3514
2007..	  	Iruten dri nuzu (trad)					3515
2007..	  	Guernikako arbola (Iparraguirre)			3515
200750    	Nere etchea (trad)					3516
200751    	Lili bat ikhusi dut (trad)				3516

Pathé, Paris, probably June 1927
200804    	Bet ceü de Pau (Constantin/Lespine)			3525
200805    	Rossignoulet qui cantos (Lamazou)			3525

Disque Gramophone, Paris, 3 October 1927
BTR3113-1-2	Urzo – Churia (trad)					K5259
BTR3114-1-2	Juana – Chori berri ketaria (trad)			K5260
BTR3115-1-2	Iruten dri nuzu (trad)					K5260
BTR3112-1-1	Juan – Lurraren pian (trad)				K5259

Disque Gramophone, Paris, 3 October 1927
CTR3125-2-2	Die Walküre (Wagner): Siegmund suis-je			W910
CTR3126-1-2	Die Walküre (Wagner): Plus d'hiver			W910
BTR3127-2-2   	La reine de Saba (Gounod): Faiblesse			P737
BTR3128-2-2	La reine de Saba (Gounod): Inspirez-moi			P737
Source for the discography: (defunct); additions from Gesellschaft für historische Tonträger, Wien

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