Robert Lassalle

Picture of Robert Lassalle
He was the son of the famous baritone Jean Lassalle, and himself not bad either. Born in Paris 3 March 1882, he was trained by his father and by Jacques Isnardon. In 1910, he was Boito's Faust in Boston, where he did not please. In 1911, he made his debut at the Paris Opéra, where he stayed until 1914, singing Roméo, Samson, Lohengrin, Duca, Nicias and Narraboth (a strange array of roles indeed!). He also sang in Parma (Ismaele, 1913), Barcelona (in Louise and in Ivan le Terrible by Gunsbourg, 1919) and Madrid (1919). Nothing is known about his further life; in any case, he was still living in Paris in 1921.

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Robert Lassalle sings La favorite: Ange si pur

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