Jean-Paul Passédat

Passédat studied solfeggio and violin as a child. Later he went to the conservatory to study singing. He graduated with diplomas in singing, solfeggio and opera.

He was not thinking of an operatic career. A conductor (Pierre Monnier) in Marseille asked him to record some operatic arias resulting in a five years career singing in Avignon, Toulouse, Dijon, Belgium, Luxembourg, ...

He even opened the TV studio in Alger in 1958. Very improbable as it was opened on December 25, 1956, as per Christian Torrent who lived in Algeria at that time.

His repertory included La traviata, Il barbiere di Siviglia, Mireille...

Among his cointerpreters were Mado Robin and Mady Mesplé.

He decided then to go back to the restaurant started by his parents.
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Reference 2: La Dépêche du Midi, 2 May 2011

Jean-Paul Passédat sings Si j'étais roi: Si j'étais roi

Jean-Paul Passédat sings La dame blanche: Viens, gentille dame

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