Herbert Becker

17 May 1933 Oberhausen – 14 March 1999
Originally a locksmith, he studied voice in Essen, Mannheim and Milano; during his studies, he already sang as a chorister in Essen and Gelsenkirchen, at which latter theater he was promoted to soloist in 1962. He started with lyrical roles like Don Ottavio or Lyonel, and gradually worked his way to Don Carlo.

1972–75, he sang in Karlsruhe, 1974–79 in Hannover. He was now specializing in Wagner's heroes, and sang them – as a guest – most everywhere, into the 1980s: La Scala, Trieste, Marseille, Toulouse, Lyon, Zürich, Barcelona, Seattle, Brussels, Lisbon, São Paulo, Munich, Paris... you name it.

Reference: Isoldes Liebestod

Herbert Becker sings Tannhäuser: Dir töne Lob
In RA format

Herbert Becker sings Tannhäuser: Auch ich darf mich so glücklich nennen...Dir, Göttin der Liebe, with Wolfgang Schöne, Herbert Grabe and Siegfried Schmidt (Walther)
In RA format

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