Walter Günther-Braun

27 December 1874 – 28 October 1947 Weimar

Walter Günther-Braun sings Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg: Am stillen Herd

After studies in Leipzig, Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich, he had his first contract in Cottbus in the 1896/97 season. The next few years, he sang operetta in small theaters: Wiener Neustadt, Salzburg, Innsbruck, and at the Carl-Schultze-Theater in Hamburg.

From 1901, he sang opera: in Mainz for two years, and in Graz, Wrocław/Breslau and at the Munich Court Opera for three years each. 1912–20, he was a member of the Mannheim opera theater, and 1920–27 of the Dortmund theater.

He sang primarily heldentenor parts: Loge, Siegfried, Tannhäuser, Tristan, Erik, Stolzing, Lohengrin, Florestan, Hüon, Éléazar, Samson, Canio; but also Palestrina or Fra Diavolo.

His few recordings are very rare – with good reason, I'd say. Not what you'd eagerly buy if you know his singing...

Reference: Kutsch & Riemens
Picture source: Isoldes Liebestod
Source for the recording

Grammophon, Breslau, 1908

12444u  Carmen: Ich seh die Mutter dort                      2-44362
        with Pepi Weiss
12445u  Die Meistersinger: Am stillen Herd                   4-42064
12446u  Die Meistersinger: Morgenlich leuchtend              4-42065
12447u  Carmen: Hier an dem Herzen treu geborgen             4-42066
12448u  Der Evangelimann: Selig sind die Verfolgung leiden   4-42067

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