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Albert Schott singsÜber allen Gipfeln ist Ruh'

Albert Schott singsLohengrin: In fernem Land
Albert Schott's records are among the greatest rarities, and a good example that in many cases, records are scarce because people at the time didn't buy them for very, very good reason; they probably knew Albert Schott, and would not even have accepted one of his records as a gift, let alone pay money for it.

Information on Albert Schott is almost as scarce as his records: what you can find everywhere is that he was Anton Schott's nephew, and that's about it. (Anton Schott was one of the most famous German heldentenors of the 1870s and 1880s, an internationally acclaimed Rienzi and Lohengrin.) Kutsch & Riemens further report that Albert Schott made his debut in a concert with his uncle in Düsseldorf; Anton Schott was known as haughty, but he must have been clement when it came to his relatives, or he would hardly have shared a podium with his wayward nephew. From 1891, according to Kutsch & Riemens, Albert Schott sang in Dortmund, then in Kiel and in Trier, and until 1905, he made guest appearances in Metz and Nürnberg.

Now admittedly, his recordings are from 1911 or 1912, but the voice is not worn; it just seems to have been never trained. His German diction is another mystery: it's positively incredible, and it's too weird to be dialectal – there's something non-German in it, and that may coincide with the rather surprising indication on his record labels "Herr Albert Schott, Heldentenor, Washington". Actually, the way he sings "du" or "Ruh'" could be fault of an English accent; on the other hand, his "ü" seems native German and definitely non-English. A bilingual kid, e.g. raised by German (or half-German, half-American) parents in Washington? Anyway, a serious contender for the title of a male Florence Foster-Jenkins!

Lohengrin soundfile source: SLUB Dresden
Many thanks to Anton Bieber for the ultra-rare Über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh' recording plus label scan.

Symphonion, Leipzig 1911
3444	Trovatore (Verdi): Schon naht die Todesstunde			11030
34..	Wenn du im Traum wirst fragen (Beschnitt)			11034
3451	Die Mutter an der Wiege (Loewe)					11035
3453	Joseph (Méhul): Ich war Jüngling noch an Jahren		11037
3454	Carmen (Bizet): Hier an dem Herzen				11038
3455	Über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh' (Schubert)				11039, Grau's Doppel-Platte 6153
3567	Lohengrin: In fernem Land					15004
3568	Lohengrin: Höchstes Vertrauen					15005
3752	Die beiden Grenadiere (Schumann)				15061
	Rienzi (Wagner): Allmächt'ger Vater				15062
	Oberon (Weber): Von Jugend auf in dem Kampfgefild		15063
3776	Zigeuners Weihnachtslied (?)					15067
3778	Die Zauberflöte (Mozart): Dies Bildnis				15069
	Schlafe, schlafe, holder süßer Knabe (Schubert)		15070
	Pagliacci (Leoncavallo): Hüll dich in Tand nur			15071
	Trovatore (Verdi): Dass nur für mich dein Herz erbebt		15072
	Au printemps (Gounod) (in German)				15073
3882	Zum neuen Jahr (Wolf)						15086
4073	Lucia di Lammermoor (Donizetti): Ihr Gräber meiner Ahnen		15133
4074	Lucia di Lammermoor (Donizetti): Bald wehet die Zypresse	15134
4078	Martha (Flotow): Ach so fromm					Isiphon 601
4120	Die schöne Müllerin (Schubert): Die böse Farbe			15163
41..    Die schöne Müllerin (Schubert): Mit dem grünen Lautenband	11402
4124	Die schöne Müllerin (Schubert): Ungeduld			11407
41..    Die schöne Müllerin (Schubert): Der Neugierige		11408
4128	Die schöne Müllerin (Schubert): Morgengruß			11409
4129	Die schöne Müllerin (Schubert): Des Müllers Blumen		15170

Symphonion, Leipzig 1912?
7032	Huguenots (Meyerbeer): Ihr Wangenpaar				30014
7086	Trovatore (Verdi): Schon naht die Todesstunde			30018
Important additions to the discography from Gesellschaft für historische Tonträger, Wien.

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