Adolf Wallnöfer

24 April 1854 Vienna – 9 June 1946 Munich
His father Franz Wallnöfer was a jeweler, who was also a concert and lieder singer personally acquainted with Franz Schubert, Gioacchino Rossini, Carl Maria von Weber und Frédéric Chopin. He had studied singing with Luigi Lablache, and was considered a great interpreter of Schubert's lieder.

Wallnöfer grew up in that musical environment. He studied composition and singing with O. Desoff and Krenn, then with Hans von Rokitansky.

He appeared as lieder singer in 1875. He probably made his stage debut in 1878 as a baritone at the Stadttheater in Olmütz/Olomouc as Luna.

After that, he lived in Bayreuth where he studied Wagner singing. In 1880, he started to sing tenor roles and became one of the best-known Wagner tenors of his time.

Wallnöfer's career developed as follows:

1881/82: Olmütz
1882–85: Stadttheater in Bremen
1882/83: tour with Angelo Neumann's Wagner troupe all over Europe
1885–95: German Theatre in Prague
In 1888 in Prague, Wallnöfer took part in the premiere of Die drei Pintos in Mahler's version.
1895/96: Met
1896: tour of Russia after he first had appeared in Saint Petersburg and Moscow in 1889 with great success.
1895–97: Stadttheater Stettin
1897–99: Wrocław/Breslau
1899–1905: Nürnberg
1905/06: director of the Municipal Theater in Rostock
1906/07 and 1909/10: Vienna Volksoper
1907–09: Graz
He sang until 1914.

Guest appearances: Hofoper Vienna, 1904–09: Radames (2 February 1907), Éléazar (30 January 1907), Otello (3 May 1907, total 3), Loge (14 March 1904), Siegmund (7 November 1906), Siegfried (S) (20 March 1904), Siegfried (G) (7 December 1909, total 2), Samson (24 May 1907), Tannhäuser (8 March 1904), Tristan (23 February 1907); Hamburg (1898), Riga (1896, 1909) and Brünn/Brno (1907).

Wallnöfer was also a respected lieder singer and created several lieder by Brahms, who composed them for him.

Wallnöfer was also a composer who wrote over 400 lieder and ballads, choral works, piano pieces, chamber music, and one opera Eddystone (22 September 1899 at the German Theatre in Prague).

Since 1908, he lived in Munich as a composer and singing teacher. He published a book Resonanztonlehre (Berlin, 1911).

He was married to the actress Marie Walter.

He recorded for Beka and Favorite, all extremely rare records.
Reference: Kutsch & Riemens

Adolf Wallnöfer sings Lohengrin: Mein lieber Schwan (Favorite)

Adolf Wallnöfer sings Pagliacci: Hüll dich in Tand nur (Favorite)

Adolf Wallnöfer sings Komm, falsches Lieb (Favorite)

Adolf Wallnöfer sings Die Walküre: Winterstürme wichen dem Wonnemond (Beka)
In RA format

Adolf Wallnöfer singsSiegfried: Nothung! Nothung! (Beka)

Beka, Nürnberg, April 1905
7362   Komm, falsches Lieb (Wallnöfer)						7362
7365   Tannhäuser: Dir töne Lob						7365
7590   Die Walküre: Winterstürme wichen dem Wonnemond					7590
7591   Bajazzo: Hüll dich in Tand nur						7591
7592   Es blinkt der Tau (Rubinstein)						7592
7593   Dichterliebe: Ich grolle nicht						unpublished
7593-1 Dichterliebe: Ich grolle nicht						7593
7594   Woher die Liebe (Wallnöfer)						7594
7595   Meistersinger von Nürnberg: Morgenlich leuchtend				7595
7596   Lohengrin: Höchstes Vertrauen						7596
7597   Les huguenots: Ihr Wangenpaar						7597
7598   Evangelimann: Selig sind, die Verfolgung leiden				7598
7599   Rienzi: Allmächt'ger Vater						7599
7600   Siegfried: Nothung! Nothung!						7600

Favorite, Wien, about 16 June 1908
323-t  Pagliacci: Hüll dich in Tand nur			                        I-25288 
324-t  Lohengrin: Schon sendet nach dem Säumigen der Gral (Abschied pt. 1)  	I-25289
325-t  Lohengrin: Kommt er dann heim (Abschied pt. II)                          I-25282
326-t  Komm, falsches Lieb (Wallnöfer)                                   	I-25290

Favorite, Wien, about 20 June 1908
376-t  Tannhäuser: Dir töne Lob                                       		I-25299
377-t  Le prophète: Herr, dich in den Sternenkreisen                            I-25295
378-t  Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg: Morgenlich leuchtend                     I-25294

Musica Anima (private recordings 1933, recorded in his flat, self-accompanied at the piano)
Es blinkt der Tau (2 takes)
An die Sterne
Leid und Lust
Romanze vom kleinen Däumling
Der Mond
Als ich noch jung war
Du starbst dahin 

Radio interview for the 90th birthday of Adolf Wallnöfer
Reichsrundfunk, Munich ca. 26 April 1944
Decelith gelatine disc
pt. 1
pt. 2

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