Constantin Stellakis

1901 Athens – 2 January 1980 Friedrichshafen

Born Kostis Stellakis, he was the son of the main priest of Athens Cathedral. His father also directed the cathedral choir, which is where Kostis and his four brothers started singing.

Kostis studied voice at the conservatory in Athens, and started his career there, also making a lot of records for Greek Pathé. In 1932, he moved to Germany for further voice lessons. He stayed for the rest of his career and life, first based in Berlin, where he also recorded for Telefunken. (His brother Georg, too, lived in Berlin, as a sound engineer at the UFA film studios.)

After 1945, Kostis (now Constantin) Stellakis lived in Ludwigsburg. Occasionally, he used the pseudonym Tito Martini as a singer, and as a voice teacher, he fake-italianized his name as "Costantino Stellaki".

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Constantin Stellakis sings Cavalleria rusticana: Medley , with Anny Konetzni and Gerhard Hüsch
O Lola, rosengleich – Rossestampfen, Peitschenknall – Lasst uns preisen den Herrn –
Als euer Sohn einst fortzog – Du hier, Santuzza? ... O süße Lilie –
Schäumt der süße Wein im Becher, all much abridged
In RA format
This recording sounds like a who-can-sing-uglier contest between Stellakis and Hüsch; just Konetzni mars the performance because she's singing too well by far.

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