Perikles Talantopoulos

born 1935 Thessaloniki

Perikles Talantopoulos singsSi j'étais roi: Wenn ich König wär'

Perikles Talantopoulos singsProdaná nevěsta: Komm, mein Söhnchen, with Peter Gehring
Peter Gehring was a successful architect, sculptor and painter. Bass singing was his fourth job.

Perikles Talantopoulos singsEvgenij Onegin: Wohin, wohin seid ihr entschwunden

He started studying voice at the conservatory of Thessaloniki at a very young age (his teachers there were Konstantinos Liontas and, above all, soprano Fani Aidali), and made his first public appearance at age 18 in a Bach oratorio. But he was to study on for a long while; in 1962, he graduated from the conservatory, but went to Austria and Germany on a scholarship in 1963 and studied at the Salzburg Mozarteum and in Munich (with, among others, Greek baritone Titos Xirellis) for another five years.

He made his debut as Turiddu in Regensburg, and spent most of his career in the German, Swiss and Austrian provinces, singing opera (a mix of main and secondary roles), operetta, oratorio, musical and song recitals, also on TV. Back home in Thessaloniki, he gave numerous concerts with the Municipal Band and Choir, and sang also a few opera performances at the Greek National Opera in Athens between 1988 and 1991 (Don Ottavio, Tamino and Danilo).

His early recordings show some really nice lyrical singing (along with lots of musical inaccuracies), but later on, he adopted an unpleasantly bleating, narrow timbre and a labored top.

I think he retired to Munich.

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