Matteo Bruno

1886 Castiglione di Sicilia – 1955 Milano

Bruno studied in Milan with the old tenor Giuseppe Mandolini.

He made his debut in 1912 at the Dal Verme in Milan substituting for Aureliano Pertile in Cavalleria rusticana.

In 1921, Bruno was in Palermo for the season at the Politeama Garibaldi. He discovered his spouse, Giuseppina Sciuto, in a room with a colleague, the tenor Francesco Conti. He shot his wife dead.

He was a particular artist. He had a military career and in 1928, as a lieutenant in the army, he was appointed director of the Teatro Sperimentale Lirico at the Teatro di Arte Moderna in Milan, where the young artists were helped in their artistic formation. During that period he continued singing.

Selected performances:

1912 Milano (Dal Verme)
1913 Cremona (Politeama Verdi, Rigoletto in January with Dora Domar)
1916 Acireale
1920 Bergamo
1921 Palermo
1924 Milano (Dal Verme)
1926 Bari, Ancona
1931 Milano (Dal Verme, Pagliacci, sharing with Berni; with Vittoria Lierba/Alma Grel, Renato Mazzanti), Padova, Torino (Teatro Vittorio Emanuele, Pagliacci with Grazia Fisher, Pietro Rossi, Zenone)

His repertory included: Turiddu, Duca, Giannetto (La cena delle beffe), Canio, Edgardo, ...

Matteo Bruno sings Pagliacci: Vesti la giubba


01 Milano Teatro Dal Verme CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA (Turiddu)
01 Cremona Politeama Verdi RIGOLETTO (Duca)
  Acireale Teatro Bellini CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA (Turiddu)
  Bergamo Teatro delle Società CONCERTO
07 Milano Teatro Dal Verme CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA (Turiddu)
01 Bari Teatro Piccinni LA CENA DELLE BEFFE (Giannetto)
12 Ancona Teatro Vittorio Emanuele CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA (Turiddu) / PAGLIACCI (Canio)
  Milano Teatro Dal Verme PAGLIACCI (Canio)
  Padova Teatro Verdi LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR (Edgardo)
  Torino Teatro Vittorio Emanuele PAGLIACCI (Canio)


7-252572 Pagliacci: Ridi pagliaccio		R 5331 (green label), HN 778 (purple label)
Reference for the pictures, chronology and recording the excellent website of Roberto Marcocci

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